Happy Mother’s Day: My Three Sons

It takes children to make a mother. I am so proud of my sons, the apples of my eye..

I looked for pictures and was surprised I couldn’t find picture of all of them.

So I will share the two I could find.

Indiana 082

This is Jim. He’s a writer and camera shy. Taking a picture of him is so difficult.


This is Ian. He was considered for the role of Superman twice.

Second time they told him he was too thin. They chose Henry Cavill and told him to gain weight.


8 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day: My Three Sons”

  1. Your wonderful and oh so smart sons have always been a good reflection on your parenting skills. Did I forget handsome? Hope they do you proud today. Happy Mother’s Day. You have earned it. Lots of, Carol

  2. Happy Mothers Day!! I hope you have a wonderful day! I had the grandtwins and their big brother overnight and am I whooped!

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