Art-filled Life

If you think you can’t think again.

  • These are all oil paintings I created from photographs I took:
  • the old wooden gate in the side yard,
  • our cat Pepper sitting in the window,
  • Jabba the Hippo at the San Diego Zoo,
  • my beloved Kuma laying in the grass,
  • my son Ian at an afternoon soccer game,
  • a reflection of my husband in a store window,
  • night photography at the park,
  • a painting of a friend’s rare Honda motorcycle,
  • theme award at the Faire.

Try, and if you fail — TRY AGAIN!


8 thoughts on “Art-filled Life”

    1. Thank you so very much dear friend. I just like to keep busy and learn new things. When the boys were little I had no time to think about my painting — I think I painted once.

  1. I’ve always wanted to paint a scene from one of my photos, but haven’t yet picked up a brush (canvas has been ready for several years). Your example will inspire me to follow through with it.

  2. Pretty paintings! I’m not so good at painting, but can do some cartoonish drawings. I like how you use the pictures you took to make the paintings. Nice work!

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