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Whoa! Nine Months Passed

Where does time go? There has been a wedding in Montreal. Which was fantastic.  The food was amazing.

Winter brought rain —  glorious rain.  Which produced a small crop of potatoes in the compost pile.Potato crop 001.JPG which I turned into a lovely little potato salad.  The figs look like they will produce a bumper crop of figs.Garden figs 022I planted tomatoes and artichokes and the herb garden is quite healthy. Temperatures are heating up with Summer waining.  July 4th was just here, now past and moving forward. The birds and the butterflies are returning. I even saw an orange dragon fly the other day.

Hope your July is looking good,




Art-filled Life

If you think you can’t think again.

  • These are all oil paintings I created from photographs I took:
  • the old wooden gate in the side yard,
  • our cat Pepper sitting in the window,
  • Jabba the Hippo at the San Diego Zoo,
  • my beloved Kuma laying in the grass,
  • my son Ian at an afternoon soccer game,
  • a reflection of my husband in a store window,
  • night photography at the park,
  • a painting of a friend’s rare Honda motorcycle,
  • theme award at the Faire.

Try, and if you fail — TRY AGAIN!

48 Years in the Same Canoe


A handsome young man years ago asked if I would be his wife.  What would I say?  I didn’t think but a few seconds before I answered. He was kind and thoughtful. He sent me long-stemmed red roses one Valentine’s Day and we had only been out a couple of times. Would I marry the one who gave me chocolates or the one who gave me red roses?

Do I pick Door #1 who I love and loves me, who is nice to my mother and father, and who my friends like or do I wait for whatever might be behind Door #2, which Drew Barrymore in her book Wildflower said may have a keg of beer and a donkey (jackass). It was a simple decision.

Marriage is not easy nor is it for the faint of heart. It is a roller coaster ride. Respect is the key to that door.

Studio Space for Quilting

I have a loft space which could easily be two small bedrooms. I coveted this space and took it over when the pool table left. Little by little I added more stuff to it. There were books, fabric, items that couldn’t find a place in another area of the house. And little by little it got out of control. There were areas that worked but I couldn’t get to them easily. Before I could work I would have to stop and  move something. clearing the floor 012

Then there was the bribe. The big guy would agree to put new flooring down if I would agree to emptying the room. It was a stalemate. One, I told him I didn’t want to do it and you can see why. Two, it was a huge undertaking. He did say he would help. Uh-huh. I warned him that even though I agreed to empty the room don’t count on me getting rid of anything.  We packed everything in boxes and the room was empty in three days.

In three weeks almost everything was back in the room. The shelves took up half the room. The floor was beautiful and clean and clear. Now to put thing on the shelves. Because the packing was finished so quickly there was no rhyme or reason to how things went into boxes. I tried to label as I went but even that wasn’t successful.

Studio floor - cleanStudio fabric sorting 001Studio fabric sorting 002

I took fabric from boxes and plunked it onto shelves. At first I tried to put it in color categories then I gave up. That brings us to March 2015 — two years later. Frustrated with opening and closing boxes to find out what is inside I said ENUF! How am I going to get this back to where I can actually find what I need when I need it? Yes my former workroom was a mess but I knew where everything was.

I started by removing two shelves of fabric. I had a brilliant idea I would sort it into stripes, geometrics, colors, floral, ethnic, regional. I started dividing them into groupings. I looked at what I had and again I said, “What a mess.” I had too many groups — I needed to simplify. I had two empty shelves not TEN. As you saw yesterday I started with hand dyes and black and whites. That emptied two more shelves. From there I could pull from the shelves without sorting on to the table. I decided where to put it by what the color looked like to me first . To that I also added what I had sorted on the table. It wasn’t 100% perfect but it was better than it had been.

Fabric - black and white008frabics - red

Which leave space on other shelves for more sorting.

Studio fabric sorting 005Studio fabric sorting 006

Open shelves, more space. If I refolded the fabric I would have more space still. That will be another day.

Nature abhors a vacuum — I imagine this vacancy too will soon be gone.

Winter Garden: Southern California

Winter garden 002

After the rains came the sunshine. This is the wild bush I almost cut back to a nub. It is 25 feet up a 50 foot Eucalyptus tree.Winter garden 004Winter garden 003

I was going to cut it down because I thought it was one of the runners from the neighbor’s invasive Pepper tree.

Before the rains I listened to the weather man who said, “You might think about putting fertilizer out before it rains. So I did and I was rewarded with these beauties.Winter rose 006 Winter rose 007

Garden and the Rain



Garden banana peels 002My breakfast banana usually goes into the compost pile. This morning I thought a better use. While planting Johnny Jump-ups the other day I turned over some little red worms. I read that worms like bananas and citrus peels. I decide to chop up the banana skins and take them out to put them directly into the garden soil instead of sending them to the compost pile first.

Garden morning dew 012

I was greeted by dew drops on my Kale leaves.  I always love to see this. More likely they were raindrops from an overnight shower. The temperatures are in the 40 degree mark so it was probably rain.Garden Brussel Sprouts 010

I pulled yellowed leaves off the Kale and Brussel Sprouts and found these little babies.  They are usually tucked in the crook of the leaf but the rain and wind left no leaves as protection. They are little beauties and I hope the weather allows then to survive.  Further inspection showed this surpriseGarden late fall tomato  013 My Roma tomatoes are still blossoming and setting fruit.  They have turned red but they do  not have the sweetness of summer tomatoes. Our weather has been so crazy with temperatures still in the 80s on Thanksgiving.  It was no surprise to see this stunner hiding in the tall grass.Garden mushrooms 009 They are quite possibly just as deadly as they are beautiful.  This is a variety I have not yet seen in my back yard. I love the fluting. to me it looks like a ballerina’s spectacular tutu from Swan Lake.  Best to extract it before an animal gets curious.

Garden: Rain and Roses

garden - rose golden 002

Before the rain we had last week I hurried and put Fish Emulsion on the roses. I was rewarded with this one. What a bright spot in our late Fall weather.  I looked at all the roses. Some had buds, I was so happy. Thanksgiving would normally be the time I would prune the roses.  This year I was too busy, with our Thanks giving and then visiting Son and his wife who gifted me with a beautifully fully cooked Turkey to take home.  Lots of turkey.

As I looked around at the other roses, hiding in a leaf cluster I found this - roses Mr Lincoln 001It is Oklahoma.  I bought it in memory of my father who was born in Tulsa. I bought it only based on the picture tagged to the rose.  My father had a black-red rose, Taboo, that was his favorite. I was so happy to see this rose in the morning sun shown a deep red velvet.  So sweet to see him come visit.