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Quilting: My Two Blocks

We all run into bumps in the road. I feel I fell into a ditch and have had a time getting out of it. I think it started with a Mercury Retrograde. For those of you who don’t know what that is — it is very similar to Murphy’s Law: what can go wrong — will go wrong.

Usually it has to do with Mercury the Messenger in Astrology. This condition occurs four times throughout the year. I always mark my calendar in January so I know when it will occur.  If you start a project during this time you can be pretty certain you won’t finish it.

It seems I started organizing my workroom space during a Mercury Retrograde. It has also occurred to me that is the only time I get back to working on organizing it.

Last organizational spurt a small piece of fabric (10″ x  20″) turned up on my work table. I kept shifting fabrics around still there it was. It kept coming up to the surface. So I thought there must be a message here — guess I am just a little slow sometimes. So I measured it and I could cut it into 4 1/2 inch squares. I thought it would be perfect in the center of some Sawtooth stars. It was one of the first patterns I fell in love with so many years ago.

I made TWO stars. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon and just about dinner time. There is not need to rush this.



It’s a beginning.


Garden Hummingbirds

IMG_0855I was watering when I noticed in front of me was a hummingbird. It could have been that I was somewhat sheltered from view by the new runners on the climbing Abraham Darby. I watched her as she flew from flute to flue on the Agapanthus. Then to my surprise she flew right ay me and just over my head.  I could feel her wings. Hummers come right up in my face as if to say, “who are you? What are you doing here?” The they say, “Oh, it’s only you and are off.

Make me think I need to plant more tubular flowers. And also that the Honeysuckles need to be waters.

Gardens: Mock Orange

Gardens: Mock Orange

Mock Orange can get to be a fairly large bush. These are planted between our driveway and the neighbors. They attract bees in the spring and the trash the teenagers next door toss there instead of into the trash can.

One day the mother asked what I was going to do with the bushes — she wanted them to be cut down — they have bugs in them.
I said,
“If I cut them down your boys will have no place to toss their trash.”
Discussion ended abruptly.

Quilt: Pink & Purple

Abi's Big girl quilt copy
I made a set of BOW blocks with a friend perhaps 5 years before I made this quilt. someday I might need a gift for a little girl. I had two weeks to make this quilt before the gift was needed. What could I make quickly? I remembered these blocks. I thought I would have to pass on a quilt. I searched high and low for the blocks. Finally I found them. I decided to make a simple design, using strips in her favorite pink and purple. When she opened the present she shrilled with delight and I couldn’t be happier.