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Whoa! Nine Months Passed

Where does time go? There has been a wedding in Montreal. Which was fantastic.  The food was amazing.

Winter brought rain —  glorious rain.  Which produced a small crop of potatoes in the compost pile.Potato crop 001.JPG which I turned into a lovely little potato salad.  The figs look like they will produce a bumper crop of figs.Garden figs 022I planted tomatoes and artichokes and the herb garden is quite healthy. Temperatures are heating up with Summer waining.  July 4th was just here, now past and moving forward. The birds and the butterflies are returning. I even saw an orange dragon fly the other day.

Hope your July is looking good,




Winter Garden: Southern California

Winter garden 002

After the rains came the sunshine. This is the wild bush I almost cut back to a nub. It is 25 feet up a 50 foot Eucalyptus tree.Winter garden 004Winter garden 003

I was going to cut it down because I thought it was one of the runners from the neighbor’s invasive Pepper tree.

Before the rains I listened to the weather man who said, “You might think about putting fertilizer out before it rains. So I did and I was rewarded with these beauties.Winter rose 006 Winter rose 007

FIFA: World Cup Soccer — Germany (7) vs Brazil (1)

ball_net_1660 copyThe win goes to the team who wants it the most. It was a sad day for Brazil. Neymar out with a fractured third vertebrae and their top defensive man out with a red card. Brazil will always rise to the challenge the commentator said before the game, but the challenge exceeded them today.

Germany made most of it’s goals in about 15 minutes time on rebound shots. By half time Germany was already up by five.  Half time couldn’t come fast enough for Brazil. Actually they needed more than another half period to rise above the psychological devastation they must have felt. They were all over the field. They didn’t cover players and left the goal wide open too often obviously. Their defense fell apart. The goalie is one man. If it gets past the goalie it has already gotten past 10 other players.  Brazil’s goalie was unable to recover as quickly as the younger German goalie.

After half time Brazil appeared to have come back with a little energy or a pep talk from the coach. It wasn’t enough although they managed to place one ball in the back of the net.  It was surprising even with Neymar that Brazil made it as far as they did they just didn’t play as well as the team has played in the past.

And now for Germany, don’t let this phenomenal win make you over confident. Whether you play Argentina for the win or the Netherlands it certainly won’t be a “walk in the park” . . . they want the win as badly as you do.

Fifi: Who will be the victor?

IMG_0975 Argentina and Switzerland came together neither had lost in overtime yet. Only one would be the victor. Every time Lionel Messi got the ball three Swiss players were on him. It was a pretty clean game few cards were handed out. No players rolled around on the ground, there would be a mishap and the player would get up and play on. In the 118th minute Messi again got the ball and again the Swiss closed him in with five players which opened up two of Argentina’s players on the far post. Messi was able to pass the ball to Angel di Jesus who was wide open. He lived up to his name Angel of Mary and got it into the back of the net. The Swiss did not recover in the next few minutes left in the game.
The commentator later said they will be making Holy Trinity shirts in Argentina — Madrona, Pope Francis and Lionel Messi, a bit extreme but great emotions.

Dripping with drama the World Cup continued with afternoon game with Belgium vs. U.S.A. Belgium played a strong onslaught on Howard, the U.S.A soccer goalie. He played a powerful game with 16 saves. The United States had some great moments but not enough to win. Nineteen year old Julian Green with a first touch on the ball in his first game launched the ball into the back of the net in the 107 minute of play. Again with in five minutes there was a set play in front of the goal Clint Dempsey made a valiant effort to tie the game and go into kick-offs but it was unsuccessful. Heartbreak! Game finish Belgium 2 and U.S.A. 1.

June: End of the Month



In FIFA World Cup Play Nigeria made some beautiful plays. Moses covered for the goalie who was off his line and what a great save it was.  But then Joseph Yobo made an own goal when the soccer ball was defrayed by the goalie only to hit Yobo and fly into the goal. Yobo was also celebrating his 100th game. France was the victor.

Algeria (1) vs Germany (2) was expected to be a great game as well. The teams played 120 minutes plus their stoppage time. Both teams were visibly fatigued with leg cramps, heat exhaustion and mental stress. Down to the last 10 minutes when all the scoring took place. It was another heart-pounder.


Friday: At the Del Mar Fair

At the fair 002

The Del Mar Fairgrounds opened at 11 a.m., we were inside by 11:30 which I thought was pretty good time. Once inside to the left there was a stage with a live group performing Beach Boy songs.  I didn’t recognize any of them. You be the judge. They do just live up the road from San Diego it would be an easy venue for them.

I wanted to see how my two oil painting entries did.  So we walked through the Bing Crosby Hall to miss the crowds on the fairway. The Master Gardeners were very informative. I visited the Rare and Exotic booth outside the building. Greg Silverstone (not sure on that last name) gave me a Plumeria blossom and advice on how to grow them. Plumeria blooms are used primarily in Hawaii in their leis. Inside the hall at the far end before we exited I found a booth that sold Plumeria bracts as well as started stems. Not wanting to carry them around I told her I’d be back. I’m sure she had heard that a lot.

Under the grandstands was the art exhibit hall. The art entries have multiplied a hundred times over what it was when I entered my first photograph into the art exhibit. The competition is intense. I found both my paintings readily and was happy with the results.At the fair 007My Cat at the Window got a Blue Ribbon

Painting At the fair 008

and my Mailboxes got a Second Place.
Both painting were from photographs I had taken. I read recently that even painters in the Renaissance knew about the use of a pin-point camera and used it in their work.

FIFA: Germany (1) vs USA (0)

Soccer is played one game at a time. Today it rained for nine hours before the Germany/USA game started. People abandoned their cars in the street and forged forward to get to the game. Soccer is a struggle for the fans as well as the players.

One of the U.S. players collided early with the ref but no one was carded. For all the water on the playing field the game was played quite well. Stops were difficult for both teams and cards were given for slide tackles that could not be stopped. Not many players rolled on the field today. There were a couple of nasty hits with the of U.S.A.’s players knocking heads. Jermaine Jones came away with a bloody nose. Clint Dempsey took an elbow to the face from a German player which must have been painful.

Germany scored in the 54th minute and U.S.A. wanted a goal but it didn’t happen. They did manage to hold their own. Thanks to technology after Portugal made it’s second goal you could see the red, white and blue fans holding up fingers  2 for Portugal and 1 for Ghana to show the score.

U.S.A. moves through to the next group.

Before the game it was announced that Suarez will be suspended for four months from all international soccer games. He is eliminated from the World Cup, from his own team play with a nine Uruguay games penalty and a fine of 100,000 Swiss Francs.

Babies bite for oral stimulation it is how they learn about their world. Young children bite when they don’t know how else to deal with their frustration.  My cousin bit me when we were little. I bit him back. As expected my Aunt saw the retaliation not the initial offense and she then bit me. I didn’t do it again and I haven’t forgotten it even after all these years. I hope Suarez doesn’t forget — this just didn’t hurt him, it hurt his team, his fans, his countrymen and the children who looked up to him.