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Quilting Autumn

The days are cooling down, it is hard to tell though because one day it is hot and the next it’s cool, then it’s hot and believe it or not it actually rained.  I was even able to pull our feral cat from her windowsill perch into the house and put her in a kennel in the garage. feed-me-001

There she stayed very content for two days. I left the cage door open yesterday. I think she looked out and decided it was much too wet to go outside. Today I repeated the process and after her lunch she ventured out. Not sure what she got next was what she expected. This week at the Marine Air Station about four miles from the house there will be a big air show this weekend. The Blue Angels are practicing and the airplane noise is very loud and frightening. She went and hid. I hope tonight I can catch her again. For the poor animals it is like firecrackers going off.

Even though it was a pretty mild summer not much quilting happened. More than anything I had a lot of false starts. I have a lot of orphan blocks in wild colors without a home. My studio is upstairs and it can get too hot during the summer to work there.

Most of my time was spent getting ready for a late summer wedding. A beautiful bride Linda with her father.


Announcing Mr. and Mrs. — so happy and thrilled to be finally joined in their journey.


I had little to do with the planning of the wedding. I shopped for a dress and shoes, made travel arrangements and enjoyed the beauty of the event. The beautiful Linda did an amazing job of organizing everything.

I attended the Bridal shower in Montreal where there were games canada-009



and gifts


I also got to do a little touring while I was there — the Lavender Flower Fields. Rain poured down and I stood on the outside porch and I totally enjoyed that too since we had very little rain last year.


It was long awaited wedding and we are very happy that they are so very happy.

Now back to work.


Oh My Star Quilts

There was a time when every quilt I made no matter how I designed it looked like a star — here are a few.quilt details 021

quilt details 008

quilt details 011

Detail shots.

Friendship stars, Night and Noon and a Star quilt with an Ocean Theme and surface design.

Thank you for visiting,



Art Quilt Transition

Bring your cat and have a cup of tea with me to join my upcoming adventure.

Pepper 001 (320)

I have lots of scraps but no desire to use them. I keep thinking about ways to use them. But then all I see is my past, not my future.

quilt fabric putple 003quilt fabric yellow 001quilting fabrics 002Fabric solids 004

Road to Around Europe 205Abi's Big girl quilt copy

I may still revisit the past but it is time to move forward.

Dancing at the Improv
Dancing at the Improv

So I have a question for my viewers, would anyone be interested in patterns for quilts if they were available?

Garden: Feral Cat

feral cat 003

I call “her” Feed Me, our feral cat. She’s black as are most unwanted cats.  When she first came to our backdoor she was about half this size. She is pretty well-fed now.  She will come closer and let me stroke her back if there is food involved.

Halloween is approaching and I always fear for black cats at this time of the year. This reminds me that she must be about 18 months old because I had this same concern for her last year when she was very skitish.  I tried every method last year to catch her for her safety with the exception of setting an actual trap. She has done well outside, I hope it continues.


Moses & birds001

The risky pleasures of doing things you are prohibited from normally doing.

We keep our birds in a parrot cage. It is heavy duty metal and sits on a heavy stand.

I have pried a 15 pound cat off of it without harm to the birds. The cage got pushed up against the boxes where Riley our once fostered cat likes to sit. So he is his clever cat-ness lifted the sheet which covers the cage. This is his favorite TV program — bird-watching.