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Quilting Autumn

The days are cooling down, it is hard to tell though because one day it is hot and the next it’s cool, then it’s hot and believe it or not it actually rained.  I was even able to pull our feral cat from her windowsill perch into the house and put her in a kennel in the garage. feed-me-001

There she stayed very content for two days. I left the cage door open yesterday. I think she looked out and decided it was much too wet to go outside. Today I repeated the process and after her lunch she ventured out. Not sure what she got next was what she expected. This week at the Marine Air Station about four miles from the house there will be a big air show this weekend. The Blue Angels are practicing and the airplane noise is very loud and frightening. She went and hid. I hope tonight I can catch her again. For the poor animals it is like firecrackers going off.

Even though it was a pretty mild summer not much quilting happened. More than anything I had a lot of false starts. I have a lot of orphan blocks in wild colors without a home. My studio is upstairs and it can get too hot during the summer to work there.

Most of my time was spent getting ready for a late summer wedding. A beautiful bride Linda with her father.


Announcing Mr. and Mrs. — so happy and thrilled to be finally joined in their journey.


I had little to do with the planning of the wedding. I shopped for a dress and shoes, made travel arrangements and enjoyed the beauty of the event. The beautiful Linda did an amazing job of organizing everything.

I attended the Bridal shower in Montreal where there were games canada-009



and gifts


I also got to do a little touring while I was there — the Lavender Flower Fields. Rain poured down and I stood on the outside porch and I totally enjoyed that too since we had very little rain last year.


It was long awaited wedding and we are very happy that they are so very happy.

Now back to work.


48 Years in the Same Canoe


A handsome young man years ago asked if I would be his wife.  What would I say?  I didn’t think but a few seconds before I answered. He was kind and thoughtful. He sent me long-stemmed red roses one Valentine’s Day and we had only been out a couple of times. Would I marry the one who gave me chocolates or the one who gave me red roses?

Do I pick Door #1 who I love and loves me, who is nice to my mother and father, and who my friends like or do I wait for whatever might be behind Door #2, which Drew Barrymore in her book Wildflower said may have a keg of beer and a donkey (jackass). It was a simple decision.

Marriage is not easy nor is it for the faint of heart. It is a roller coaster ride. Respect is the key to that door.

Gardening: Good Bye Old Friend

dead tree 001This is the tree before it fell over. Notice the toll the lack of water has taken on it. I would have loved to leave it, but it was obvious it was getting dangerous.Epi 001When the tree was removed I discovered a small jungle behind it. The Epiphilium had jumped it’s pot and taken root. There is virtually a dozen plants behind the tree.Epi 002Kim from Los Angeles told me that in Hawaii  Epi’s climb up trees and telephone poles. They are like Hawaii’s weeds. I believe this to be true. Not that there is a good visual — I see the bracks are approximately eight feet long and climbing up the side of the shed.

The pot I moved to the other side of the yard spread out and is probably seven feet across. It seems so very happy to be released.

Garden: Stephanotis floribunda

This is a stephanotis Floribunda. It is an evergreen vine originally from Madagascar. It’s vines will twine 15 – 30 feet with good support. Right now it has the support of a naked, dead tree that didn’t survive our last drought and water rationing.  It blooms from Spring until late summer in Southern California. It thrives in a relatively rich soil, that is well-drained. This one grows in a five gallon pot and occasionally I will flood the pot with water. A large round container with an obelisk and a stand on wheels would work best and in the near future that might happen.  It also likes to be misted regularly.

stephanotis 003Stephanotis 001

This is an open bud. This is a stephanotis cluster not yet open. The flowers are used in bridal bouquets and in flower leis in Hawaii.

The fragrance is strong and intoxicating. Plants can also be grown indoors with the proper lighting. Southern California provides a good growing environment with ample sunshine and warmth.

stephanotis seed pod 002stephanotis seed pod - covered 004This is a Stephanotis seed pod. When I first saw it, over a year ago, I thought it might be a fruit. So I looked it up. I discovered it was a seed, a very large seed. The size of a kiwi. If your plant is agreeable enough to give you a seed pod be for-warned a seed pod takes a full year or more to develop and ripen. First it is a nice fresh green and it does look like a fruit. Toward the beginning of this summer it started turning yellow. Since I knew nothing about this and there didn’t seem to be any information I only hoped it was part of the process.

I’ve kept an eye on this one. I noticed recently it was cracking, but I left it alone hoping nothing was wrong. Then today I saw that it was brown and about 1/3 open.  Look closely. Notice what look like feathers. When it bursts open which it looks like it is ready to do — it will send these soft feather-like seeds to the four winds and there will be thousands of them. The brown bag will insulate it and contain the seeds. Only question I have is what will I do with a thousand stephanotis plants?

Garden Hummingbirds

IMG_0855I was watering when I noticed in front of me was a hummingbird. It could have been that I was somewhat sheltered from view by the new runners on the climbing Abraham Darby. I watched her as she flew from flute to flue on the Agapanthus. Then to my surprise she flew right ay me and just over my head.  I could feel her wings. Hummers come right up in my face as if to say, “who are you? What are you doing here?” The they say, “Oh, it’s only you and are off.

Make me think I need to plant more tubular flowers. And also that the Honeysuckles need to be waters.