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Quilting Autumn

The days are cooling down, it is hard to tell though because one day it is hot and the next it’s cool, then it’s hot and believe it or not it actually rained.  I was even able to pull our feral cat from her windowsill perch into the house and put her in a kennel in the garage. feed-me-001

There she stayed very content for two days. I left the cage door open yesterday. I think she looked out and decided it was much too wet to go outside. Today I repeated the process and after her lunch she ventured out. Not sure what she got next was what she expected. This week at the Marine Air Station about four miles from the house there will be a big air show this weekend. The Blue Angels are practicing and the airplane noise is very loud and frightening. She went and hid. I hope tonight I can catch her again. For the poor animals it is like firecrackers going off.

Even though it was a pretty mild summer not much quilting happened. More than anything I had a lot of false starts. I have a lot of orphan blocks in wild colors without a home. My studio is upstairs and it can get too hot during the summer to work there.

Most of my time was spent getting ready for a late summer wedding. A beautiful bride Linda with her father.


Announcing Mr. and Mrs. — so happy and thrilled to be finally joined in their journey.


I had little to do with the planning of the wedding. I shopped for a dress and shoes, made travel arrangements and enjoyed the beauty of the event. The beautiful Linda did an amazing job of organizing everything.

I attended the Bridal shower in Montreal where there were games canada-009



and gifts


I also got to do a little touring while I was there — the Lavender Flower Fields. Rain poured down and I stood on the outside porch and I totally enjoyed that too since we had very little rain last year.


It was long awaited wedding and we are very happy that they are so very happy.

Now back to work.


Quilts: My First

I started buying the Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine when it came out printed on a mimeograph machine. I collected them even though I was not a quilter. I was a seamstress, I made clothing, including wedding apparel. When we moved from the East Coast to San Jose a group of the ladies in the neighborhood, all from New York, formed a Tuesday night group. We brought whatever handy work we were doing at the time. I did Needlepoint, my own designs inspired by a picture I might see in a magazine.  Sometimes it was from a kit, but kits were expensive. I designed an occasional canvas that my friend Sharon Maher would buy from me.

One of the ladies in the group who kept the shell of an old VW bug in her backyard decided that she alone would bring a renaissance of quilting. I admired that. I thought someday I might be a quilter. With two toddlers I was sure it wouldn’t be anytime soon. I couldn’t even afford to buy a quilt at a flea market. If one was on the side of the road, I might stop for it, but that would be the only way I would own one.

I did love fabric and occasionally for an outing as a family we would ride the train into San Mateo. There was a mall there and in one of the stores they had a bin with scraps of fabrics leftover from silk ties. I learned to make men’s ties. My mother made the boys cute little short sets out of seersucker to wear so any sewing I did was usually for myself.

When we moved from San Jose to San Diego it was small and quiet. There wasn’t much to do and I didn’t know anyone. It was a young neighborhood with a lot of young children. Cheryl Herr lived down the street and in her living room sat a quilting frame. She could make a whole cloth quilt in a week completely hand quilted. She’d shop at K-Mart and buy two twin-sized sheets and a roll of polyester batting. All the furniture would be pushed to the side until she finished the quilt. I was inspired. I was not interested in a quilt made from sheets although her quilts were beautiful. She told me I could do it. Funny thing, I believed her. You have to believe you can do something or it will never happen.

The only place to buy fabric was at Sears. We had two and neither one was close, both were approximately the same distance in opposite directions. One day I was out with my next door neighbor and shopping buddy Barbara Johnson. She acted as my welcome wagon. She would drive me around and show me how to get places. One day we ended up in Escondido at Sears approximately 20 miles north of us. There was a needlework shop to buy threads for my needlepoint and Sears. I had scrap fabrics and an idea. My first quilt almost became my last quilt.  When you say, how hard could this be, you then find out. Putting the top together was not as difficult as sitting and hand quilting the top. It was summer and it was hot. I had a large embroidery hoop on a frame. I would quilt during the day in the sunlight while the boys napped. My quilting time could be very limited.

I limited my pallet which simplified the design process.

I still like this quilt, which belongs to my oldest son.

Quilt my first 002

FIFA: World Cup Soccer — Germany (7) vs Brazil (1)

ball_net_1660 copyThe win goes to the team who wants it the most. It was a sad day for Brazil. Neymar out with a fractured third vertebrae and their top defensive man out with a red card. Brazil will always rise to the challenge the commentator said before the game, but the challenge exceeded them today.

Germany made most of it’s goals in about 15 minutes time on rebound shots. By half time Germany was already up by five.  Half time couldn’t come fast enough for Brazil. Actually they needed more than another half period to rise above the psychological devastation they must have felt. They were all over the field. They didn’t cover players and left the goal wide open too often obviously. Their defense fell apart. The goalie is one man. If it gets past the goalie it has already gotten past 10 other players.  Brazil’s goalie was unable to recover as quickly as the younger German goalie.

After half time Brazil appeared to have come back with a little energy or a pep talk from the coach. It wasn’t enough although they managed to place one ball in the back of the net.  It was surprising even with Neymar that Brazil made it as far as they did they just didn’t play as well as the team has played in the past.

And now for Germany, don’t let this phenomenal win make you over confident. Whether you play Argentina for the win or the Netherlands it certainly won’t be a “walk in the park” . . . they want the win as badly as you do.

FIFA World Cup Soccer: Is winning everything

It looks like winning has taken over playing the game of soccer. Uruguay’s coach in an after game interview said, “Soccer isn’t about morals . . . .”
Italy played down a man when Marchisio played over the ball with his cleats showing and caught Uruguay’s player in the shin.

Is it only about winning? In the United States that is considered Zero-tolerance.

FIFA World Cup Soccer: USA (2) vs. Portugal (2)

USA may have thought they had it clinched. Tim Howard was taken by surprise when in overtime — 94 minutes and 36 seconds Portugal gets their second goal from a cross of Rinaldo and then a header to Varela, his teammate waiting off the far post. It was the one time that Portugal was not off sides. Tim Howard put his hands over his fallen head as he should have. It was an amazing goal and aside from Howard there was no USA defender close.

Travel: Pacific Northwest – Walkabout

St Lawrence
This is the Puget Sound for as far as the eye could see. I thought it was the ocean.
This is the Bay, an inlet where boats and house boats were docked. It was beautiful and serene.
water works_1747
This is the Water Works, which is closed. It has a fence all around it for it’s protection. It was beautiful in the late afternoon sun.