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Quilting: I Found My Sewing Table

I found the top of my sewing table today. It was buried under sorting boxes.

I have so many fat quarters. They are like eating potato chips. I promised myself when I first saw fat quarters I was not going to give into the temptation and buy even one.  I think it was the day I went to the fabric store and needed just a little of a certain fabric to finish my project but it was all gone. That was when I saw a basket at my feet and it had a fabric that looked exactly like the one I was looking for. I picked it up, yes, it was the exact fabric. There were also a couple more so I picked up three, but wait, they were 5 for $5.00. Do I need 5 of these? Five for $5.00 I’ll just buy two more.

So it started. My obsession for fat quarters. Then at a conference I met M’liss Hawley, don’t call her, Melissa. She would go on to write Fat Quarter books. Others had this addiction for fat quarters. Because fat quarters seem to multiply in the dark they are like Tribbles. There is trouble brewing. Today I decided to pick out 30+ fat quarters and cut them up into 2″ squares. It hasn’t happened yet but the space it cleared.

Tomorrow is Easter and I hope everyone reading this has a blessed day.

I made an Apricot-Coconut Cake this afternoon. That and basketball took up my afternoon. I’ll cut squares tomorrow — I don’t want to rush into this.

25 Hour House 001

This is what is on the wall at the moment a long forgotten WIP = work in progress.