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Quilting: WIP

I dug into my WIPs = works in progress to find this which I loved when I made it but came to a stall.

25 Hour House 001

So after still more procrastination and why? I don’t know. I came to this

quilt 25 hour house 002 - Copy (359x640)

It is not what I intended to do when I originally made the houses — funny how it never is. It still isn’t finished, but it will be soon. Here’s hoping you all make progress on your WIPs = Works In Progress whatever they may be,



My Studio: During

It was obvious with all my “stuff” I would need shelves. When the “BIG G” and son did the work I looked at the shelves and as beautiful as they were and thought OVERKILL.
I was told by the left-brained guy I would need all of them, he had measured. Who was I to challenge his mathematics? He said long ago I have no left-brain, I am all right-brained. It’s not true that I have no left brain, but when you are an artist in a house full of geeks, I am definitely outnumbered.
When reorganizing a studio don’t tell people to just “put it on the shelves.” Everything got onto the shelves but it isn’t as organized as my messy studio was, because I can’t find what I need when I need it — but it is pretty.

Mug Rug Share

Mug Rug Share

This is the Mug Rug Share exchange quilt I sent to my friend Marrianne Walton in New Zealand. Technically it is may not be a mug rug. I see it as a miniature art-quilt to hang on a wall. Mug Rugs was a quilting trend that went around a couple of years ago. I envision someone putting their coffee cup on top of a mug rug. Personally I would not do that to a piece of art no matter how small. Notice at the time it was photographed it was a WIP.

Riley the Critic

Riley the Critic

If a cat won’t lay on your quilt it isn’t worth much.

Riley came to us in the middle of the night through a mutual friend. He was rescued from a house that had 5 dogs and 7 cats. I knew him as a sweet, playful kitten as he had belonged to my son’s roommate but was abandoned at the last known address. Riley was underweight, full of fleas and had very bad house manners. He sat under furniture for several months and just watched us.